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Kutiyatta Mizhavu Mahotsavam
Sun July 1th to July 10th, 2012, Madhavanatyabhoomi
Ammanur Gurukulam, Irinjalakuda


- Kailasoddharanam (Ammanur Rajneesh Chakyar;)
- Parvativiraham (Kalamandalam Sivan Namboothiri);
- Ajagarakabalitam (Pothiyil Renjith Chakyar);
- Mallanamasani (Kapila);
- Chalakuvalayam (Sooraj Nambiar);
- Sikhini Salabham (Margi Madhu);
- Sugrivante Prasnam Vekkal (Kalamandalam Rama Chakyar);
- Narasimhavataram and Palazhimathanam (Bali) (Kuttan Chakyar);
- Tapassatam (Usha Nangiar)


Mizhavu events:
- Mizhavu (V.K.K. Hariharan);
- Mizhavu Melam
- Double Tayampaka (Kal. Rajeev, Kal. Hariharan);
- Mizhavu Maddala Tayampaka (Kal. Eswaranunni, Kal. Radhakrishnan);
- Tayampaka;
- Mizhavil Panchari Melam (arists from Ammanur Gurukulam, Painkulam Kalapeetham);

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Vadakumnathan Temple South GateThrissur (latitude 10032'N and longitude 76015' E) is acclaimed as the cultural capital of Kerala, and is the head quarters of the Thrissur District.
Thrissur is situated almost centrally in Kerala State and is well connected by road and rail. It is accessible by air from International Nedumbassery Airport Kochi (Cochin,Ernakulam) and by sea from Kochi seaport.

The town is built an a rising ground on the apex of which is the oldest and largest temple complex in the state, the Vadakunnathan temple complex, famous since the 8th century AD. Its boundaries are defined by a thick and lofty masonry wall with massive pagoda shaped gateways on all the four sides that provide a marvelous backdrop of the pageantry of the famous Trichur Pooram festival, held in April-May every year. Outside the wall is an open ground which was once a dense teak forest and hence it is known as Tekkinkadu (teak forest). The temple and the surrounding open area measuring about 3.6 hectares are encircled by a wide circular road called the Swara Round.
Highways radiate from this focal point in all directions.

The temple has three sanctum sanctorum, dedicated to Lord Shiva as Vadakunathan, Sri Sankaranarayanan and Sri Rama, installed by Parasurama according to the legend. Exquisite adorn, paintings and sculptures adorn the walls of the temple.


Trichur City Map, 76 KB Trichur City Map, 274 KB Trichur District Map, 100 KB
City Map - Sketch Thrissur - Tourist MapThrissur - District Map


Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur
Vadakunnathan Temple, main gate (from outside) Vadakunnathahn Temple, main gate (inside view) The Town Hall, Palace Road
Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur
Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours Palace Road with the Town Hall on the left side
Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur
Ramanilayam, Governmental Guest House Ramanilayam, New Building Taluk Office, Palace Road
Thrissur Thrissur Thrissur
Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Palace Road Palace Road (aerial view) Paramekavu Temple

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Kathakali Club


monthly programme
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Dr. K.N Pisharoty Smaraka Kathakali Club


monthly programme
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Sree Thyagabrahma Sangeetha Sabha

Carnatic Music

Thalam Cultural Trust

Dance, Music, Theatre

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Kerala Lalithakala Akademi

Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions, Seminars, Workshops


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Kerala Sahitya Akademi

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Carnatic Music

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Moozhikkulam, Aluva

Centre for Excellence in Koodiyattam

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Ammanjur Chachu Chakyar Smaraka Gurukulam


+91 480 282 5559, 285 6844, +91 994 755 0136, ammanurgurukulam*gmail.com

Monday, 07/05/2012, 6.30 pm

Bharatham, "NAVARAMAYANAM" - Thematic Presentation in Kuchipudy style
[In association with Ministry of culture, New Delhi]

by Sathyaanjali Academy of Kuchiopudi Dance Kochi - Smt. Anupama Mohan & Party
Kerala Sahitya Akademi Hall, Thrissur

"NAVARAMAYANAM" is a path-breaking imagination based on our epic Ramayana and reveals the crookedness of our modern rulers who are still exploiting their "Prajas” [people].
Here “Balakanda" Is not having an enthusiastic festival mood as in “Ayodhya” but depicts the pathetic conditions of the childhood scattered In the street .

"Ayodhya Kanda" picturises the hidden agenda of "Mandharas·& "Kaikeyees”· whose selfish motives causes various calamities .

”Aranya Kanda" reveals the pity condition of "Bhoomikanya”·who is still In the street without a shelter and yet to be recovered.

“Sundara Kanda" shows the illegal political bonds between “Nara & Vanara” showcasing the darker side of the society.

"Yudha Kanda" still remains so but with o difference that the war continues with Rama & Ravana on one side and Seetha ( Praja) on the other side .