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An Invitation for two exciting events:
Mizhavu Thyambaka by Kalamandalam Iswaran Unni & group
Tholpava Koothu
by Krishnankutty Pullavar & others

Mizhavu Thyambaka - voicing the space of the Inner
by Kalamandalam Iswaran Unni & group

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Mizhavu (Mizhavil) Thayambaka (*) - a feast in rhythmic skill and aesthetic expression

Kalamandalam Iswaran Unni
, trained under the mizhavu guru Narayanan Nambiyar and the head of the [mizhavu] department in Kalamandalam, is an outstanding mizhavu player who recently received the prestigious title of `Paanivaadaratnam,' instituted by the Paimkulam Rama Chakiyar Smaraka Kalapeedhom.

The [mizhavu] is traditionally the indispensable drum used in [koodiyattom] and [koothu] only -- with great symbolic significance as it sets the mood for a play and heighten its drama.

It is the merit of Ishwaran Unni & group to have repeatedly demonstrated with a Mizhavu Thyambaka the potential of this percussion instrument that goes beyond the boundaries of its significance within the ancient temple art forms.

We can expect from him and his group a most inspiring and exceptional percussion performance.

Other instruments that will be used:
[chengila] (as it is used in Kathakali) - a circular bronze gong, struck with a wooden stick to mark the accented beats of a [tala] (rhythmic pattern),
[ilattalam] (a pair of cymbals as it is used in Kathakali plays as a further way of keeping time)

 (*)  [thayam] means [Sanskrit] combination of certain [svaras] +  [vaka] means [Sanskrit] variety = [thyambaka]
 [svara] = [Sanskrit] sound, note (pitch position)
artists : [will be added later]
stage, landscaping :
lightening & decoration :
catering :
Alok Marg & friends
Franko Francis & friends
K.H. Krishnan (Velappaya Kannan), Thrissur, 0487-2429444, 2388155
"Nalukkettu", former Alakkattu Mana, Perumpillissery / Cherpu
Sunday, February 19th, 2006
5.30 pm to 6.30 pm
We will continue the tradition to invite after the performance for a sitting together while enjoying some snack and something to drink.
Please confirm your attendance up to February 18th, 2006 -- so we can make arrangements accordingly.
944 700 2540, (487) 234 3991


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