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An Invitation for two exciting events:
Mizhavu Thyambaka by Kalamandalam Iswaran Unni & group
Tholpava Koothu
by Krishnankutty Pulavar & others

Tholpava Koothu - the magic of an ancient shadow puppetry
by Krishnankutty Pulavar & others

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Tholpava Koothu the traditional shadow puppet play of Kerala

[thol] leather [pava] puppet [koothu] play - the unique about more than 1200 years old shadow puppet theatre form of Kerala, is most probably the oldest surviving puppet theatre of the world.

Tholpava Koothu is a peculiar ritualistic art form that is traditionally performed at the specially constructed theatre called Koothu Madam in front of Bhagavati temples during the month of January to May.

The performance lasts from 7 to 41 days, starts at about 10 pm and goes on till day-break. The troupe consists of eight to ten artists. The two usual accompanying instruments are the [ezhupara] drum and bell metal cymbals.

Krishnankutty, the leader of the troupe located at Koonathara (Palghat district) is the eldest son of the renowned Tholpaya koothu Guru K.K. Ramachandran Pulavar.

The magic of this ancient shadow puppetry play is very special no matter whether within or on the rare occasion of a performance outside the temple premises, initiating phantasy, emotions and feelings of sacredness.

To get a taste of the beauty of this ancient art form, a portion of the famous Tamil Epic 'Kamba Ramayana' will be shown.
artists :
K.K.Ramachandra Pulavar, singer & puppeteer
Vishwanatha Pulavar, singer
Lakshmana Pulavar, puppeteer
K.L.Ramachandra Pulavar, singer
K.N.Somasundara Pulavar, puppeteer
K.S.Shivaraja Pulavar, puppeteer
N.Pazhaniappan, puppeteer
T.Ramachandran, drummer
K.Rajeev, puppeteer
stage, landscaping :
lightening & decoration :
catering :
Alok Marg & friends
Franko Francis & friends
K.H. Krishnan (Velappaya Kannan), Thrissur, 0487-2429444, 2388155
location :
date :
time :
"Nalukkettu", former Alakkattu Mana, Perumpillissery / Cherpu
Sunday, February 19th, 2006
7.00 pm to 8.00 pm
We will continue the tradition to invite after the performance for a sitting together while enjoying some snack and something to drink.
Please confirm your attendance up to February 18th, 2006 -- so we can make arrangements accordingly.
944 700 2540, (487) 234 3991


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